A Bump in my road costumers reviews

A moving story, simply narrated, with an upbeat ending that clearly resonates with the emotions felt by the author.

– Helen C Stevens, London

Having seen this exact story unfold before my eyes, it is a great tool to explain the process and help children understand and overcome these “bumps in the road”. A wonderful inspirational gift for all children and their parents to understand illnesses.

– Karen Ostenried, Melbourne Australia

As a parent of a sick daughter, this book would have made such a difference to us as a family who were totally dependent on the medical and nursing staff in the hospital to care for our child, to give her and us the courage confidence and trust to face the unknown.

– Brendan Sands. Sligo. Ireland.

This story has a phenomenal message behind it. It’s easy to talk about medicine and how to get better but ‘A Bump in my Road’ shows how it all really begins with your mind and your attitude. This is a lesson that I want to teach my own kids; that they can be empowered to choose how they are going to face the challenges they will inevitably face throughout their lives.

– Leah Mullis, Saskatchewan, Canada (Author Surviving Baby Colic)