Leah Mullis

Posted by in Stories on Aug 19, 2013

65752_484579180179_8240652_nHello, my name is Leah and I am a mother of two wonderful, beautiful children (yes, I know I’m biased but I just can’t help it!). I had always identified myself through the roles that I had…whether it was through my jobs, being a wife, being a mom…that somehow I felt like ‘I’ got lost. And when my youngest had an extreme case of baby colic and I found myself suffering from postpartum depression I knew I had to make some changes.

I began a journey of finding passion and purpose in my life. I have been blessed with the ability to help other mothers going through baby colic and post partum depression with my book Surviving Baby Colic.

I would love to connect with you and see how I can support you in your own journey. Please connect with me on my blog (www.survivingbabycolic.com) or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/survivingbabycolic).

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