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Lillian ReekieLillian Reekie


The Parenting Strategist

“Equipping parents and educators to experience happy, healthy children and relationships…on purpose!”



  • To empower the public with a balanced and truthful understanding of their family’s toxic exposure hidden in many everyday foods, medications and household products.
  • To assist parentsto make more informed decisions about everyday choices for their families.
  • To empower parents and educators to be positive role models and develop happy and healthy relationships with their children.
  • To assist parents and teachers with helpful tips and tools to positively attract the types of relationships they desire with children.
  • To impact all children and adolescents positively by assisting and educating the adult influencers.


My name is Lillian Reekie. I am happily married to husband Andrew and have two gorgeous sons; Nathan aged 27 and Caleb 20. I am a trained primary school teacherand taught at various levels in the school system for about seventeen years.(Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Education) I have had several home based businesses based around health and well-being. I have been educating families for over fifteen years through my books, seminars and workshops and as a parenting strategist.

In the year 1993 my youngest son was born with severe health challenges. After seeing many different health professionals they all seemed to agree that our son suffered from a condition known as ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder). It is often combined with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) with the addition of some further symptoms and a few extra challenges to deal with. Our son was aggressive, hyperactive, defiant and just a constantly challenging child. With the health and behaviour challenges experienced by our son we started a journey to set about trying to find the answers.

Everywhere we looked the medical profession told us that our son needed to be on drugs. I guess we weren’t ready to follow their recommendations. In the case of our son’s ODD/ADHD we just had an intuitive insight, a little voice inside that said, ‘there must be a better way.’ After he was diagnosed we did much research into the condition and the treatments that were available. There were too many side effects from the drugs, much of which we personally weren’t prepared to risk. So, not being prepared to take the ‘medical’ route we spent several years gathering and sorting through information that would help with our son’s hyperactivity and aggression.



After many trials and tribulations, what initially started off as an act of self-preservationfor our family turned into my burning passion.

From that experience I wrote my first book ‘Hidden Dangers’. In this book I share all the years of research and reading, plus what we actually implemented into condensed down andeasy to follow format.

The Hidden Dangers book and code breaker helps people to make more informed choices about the products they use in their homes. Although my research initially was to overcome ADHD, the information that I came to unravel was relevant to everyone, young and old.

After running the HiddenDangers seminar with my husband Andrew for 18 months or so, I started getting constant requests. Lots of people were saying-   “How do I explain this to my husband, sister, wife, kids ……?”

I didn’t dream that something that I wanted to share out of passion would be grasped so strongly by so many people in need. In writing Hidden Dangers, I sharemy story as a mum faced with a challenge who thought there had to be alternative solutions to help my son.

‘Hidden Dangers’, a guide to making your home a safer, happier and healthier environment, was first written in 2003. It covers information on our four step system, including food and additives, toxins in the home, nutritional and health support and positive self-image. It was updated with further information in 2004 and 2007.

I have gone on to write 5 more bookssince then in whichI continue to share with readers our 20 plus year journey.

‘The Best Me I Can Be’ is a personal development work book for children and teenagers and was written in 2005.Its aim is to foster a healthy self-esteem and self-image. This can be used by older children individually or with a parent or teacher for younger children.

 ‘The Revolting Child; A Blessing in Disguise’ is about our family’s rollercoaster journey and was written in 2009. The foreword is written by Caleb (our son) who was then aged 15 (he is now 20) and gives a great testimony to how far our family had come. This book gives other families whomay be experiencing similar challenges hope!

My fourth book ‘If You Want Kids to Co-operate…Just Ask’ is a positive parenting guide and was written in 2010. This book has great information for parents and teachers including 36 comprehensive and useful parenting tips all used by our family and tried and tested. This book also includes a chapter from Gold Coast Naturopath Nathan Davis (Beyond Good Health Robina).

My fifth book, ‘The Best Parent I Can Be’was written in 2012. This is a workbook to be used by parents or teachers and is based on ‘The Law of Attraction’. It gives great tips, ideas and practical activities to empower parents and teachers to attract the most positive family relationships. This is the work book that my one day workshop is based on.

My latest book ‘The Best Teacher I Can Be’ is my 6th book, written in 2013. This is the third book in the ‘Best I Can Be’ series and is more specifically aimed at teachers and other educators. It has information about conditions such as ADHD, ADD, ODD, ASD, dyslexia, Indigo and Crystal children. It also has twenty teaching tips to assist teachers to enjoy happy children and classrooms.



  • In the last ten years or so Andrew and I have conducted many hundreds of seminars and workshops to thousands of people across Australia. These have ranged from audiences of twenty or so to several hundreds. We have a professional DVD recording of our Hidden Dangers seminar which was recorded in Adelaide in 2007 in front of an audience of almost 500 people.
  • I have also conducted online parenting workshops where parents around the country paid to participate in a weekly workshop which included webinars on both Health and Parenting. These sessions also involved Naturopath Nathan Davis who assisted with the children’s (and parents) physical health.
  • I also currently run 3 hour seminars and 8 hour intensive workshops for parents, carers and teachers.
  • I am also currently running a parenting program which includes 1 on 1 strategy sessions, all of my resources and books and Naturopathic consultation.
  • I have a large data base of people who have followed our journey with Caleb and have purchased and utilised all of our materials and books.
  • I have spoken at many seminars with other authors and health professionals including the Woodford Festival and Health & Lifestyle Expo’s.
  • I have spoken to school groups and parents and have gone on to coach individual parents.



  • I have been interviewed on many radio stations across Australia about my books and the work thatI do. I have lost track of the number of interviews but I would guess around 50.
  • I am on a parenting specialist panel on radio PuggleFM
  • I have appeared in several magazines and newspaper articles about my seminars and books.
  • I write articles for magazines, blogs and various parenting websites
  • I have been filmed and interviewed for documentary style programs.
  • I have been contacted and featured on TV nationally including local news programs and ‘Today Tonight’ on two occasions.



  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Health and Parenting webinars
  • In home seminars and workshops for Schools/ Childcare centres and other organisations
  • Individual parent/child/family coaching
  • Special Packages
  • Naturopathic health assistance and consultations (from a qualified practitioner)



Contact Lillian – 0418393298



Facebook –



As ever Lillian’s heart and love and good practical sense resonate throughout this whole book. Not only are the examples relevant, but Lillian’s suggestions are simple and inspire readers to hone those parenting skills.

Liliane Grace- Award winning author

I highly recommend Lillian’s fifth and latest book, ‘The Best Parent I Can Be’ to be able to apply the simple lessons easily to your own daily life as a parent.

Dianne Caldwell- Founder ‘Live the Passion’

Lillian your book is truly ingenious. It is a wonderful, practical guide which enables parents to tap into the ‘Law of Attraction’ to create positive relationships in their families.

Be warned readers…If you use this book you might just develop well-adjusted children who can function at a high level in our modern society, who love, adore and respect their parents.

Kelly Fletcher- Louise Hay Facilitator

Lillian’s practical and easy to follow Parenting tips are truly amazing and they work! I’ve read many parenting books and always struggled to work out in my head how to implement the strategies particularly in the heat of the moment. The tips and examples used make it so easy to read and to put into action. As parents we make things so complicated, when it doesn’t need to be. I can’t wait to share this book with thousands of others.

Kelly Fletcher- Youth worker and Mum

I will never forget the first time Lillian rang me at home. I simply could not believe that a renowned author and lifestyle coach would want to help me and my family! After reading Lillian’s books and joining her home study group we knew our lives were about to head in a new, positive direction. We were finally going to get answers to questions we had searched for since having our 3 gorgeous boys.

Cath and Stuart Wood – Parents Wyalla SA

Thank you Lillian for a wonderful inspiring day, we are already seeing the results from what we learnt, we both thank you, no one else of many who we have sought help with Alyssa has delivered such positive results, we are so grateful we have found you and Nathan, we now have light at the end of the tunnel towards a happy family

Glen Thornton and Rowena Gamboa- Parents, Gold Coast


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to and learning about the five easy steps to parenting and Lillian’s own personal journey. I would recommend the workshop to every parent”.

 (Childcare Director)


“Congratulations on a very heartfelt connected “Egoless” presentation. Wonderfully warm and real. Could have sat for hours longer” (Psychotherapist)


“Thank you for your insight & for sharing some of your wisdom last night at your seminar. I was truly impressed with the depth & content of the information you kindly provided. Being a parent I was so moved by your & your family’s personal story & can certainly identify with you in the respect of having one very strong minded child & the other very easy going! I have lots to think about & implement from the information that you conveyed. I started with baby steps this morning & used your switch technique & asked myself ‘just what am I asking’ of the children. It’s early days but I must confess, my girls (4 & 3 years) responded very well & we had a very stress free & joyful morning, making ready for kindy. Something I haven’t experienced in a long time & so I felt compelled to thank you for bringing a glimmer of joy! We’ve lots of work ahead but we’re on the journey. Best wishes & gratitude” (Parent)


“Congratulations on such a wonderful seminar. I would definitely be interested in attending another, as well as the workshop. Your story is inspiring & I’m very interested in continued learning of how I can be a better parent & how I can bring up confident, loving & happy children. Thank you for sharing your family’s story.”  (Parent)


“I just wanted to thank you so very much for the GREAT night on Tuesday.  To hear your family story was so inspiring and in a very dark time, has again given me new hope for a brighter future, where anything is possible for my son”. (Parent)


“Lillian you are an inspiration, and maybe one of our messages from the universe. The journey of your son relates in a lot of ways to many parents realities”. (Support worker and parent)

“I love that you have been down the road that we are now travelling. Keeping it Real” (Parent).

“It would be great if you could teach all of the parents from our centre” (Child carer/educator)

“Very, very impressed with the entire seminar…This really touched MANY mainstream parents and educators. Thank you for your gift to share and educate” (Educator/parent)

“Money well spent. Thanks. Very touching and relevant” (parent/grandparent)

“Thanks for a great presentation Lillian and Nathan. Love your honesty in sharing your story” (Educator/parent)

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