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Rosalind Abbott

Rosalind Abbott

Rosalind Abbott grew up in South Africa, the eldest of three kids. At a time when many of us are considering our future careers Roz was given the news that she had Leukaemia. She was only 20 years old, with her whole life ahead of her. Her family were shocked that she only had a 50/50 chance of survival. Rosalind is now a published author, often using elements of her powerful personal journey in her stories.

Rosalind said:
“Finding out I had a type of cancer, leukaemia, a ‘disease’ with a low chance of survival, sent me into shock, my inner strength and belief that I was put on this earth to do so much more, pulled me through. I saw this as a challenge, an opportunity to grow even stronger than I ever was… of course I had my ups and downs, but I was here to live.

It was an amazing challenge; I found out how powerful the mind really is and I recognised and appreciated my ability to overcome a life-changing situation. I found out for the first time who I really am and how grateful I am to be here, as well as discovering amazing strengths – not only my own, but my family’s too. This event brought us so much closer than ever before.”

Now almost 20 years in remission, Rosalind has found her life purpose – her passion. She is on her path as an author and is writing books to encourage and empower children to read out loud. “The stories just started flowing”, she said of rediscovering a love of creating real life stories with a rhythm and a rhyme. It has become such a great joy.

Through the inspiring stories in her ‘Everyday Kidz’ books, Rosalind is bringing joy to the lives of children and support to their parents.